Presentation Minutes

Artist in Residence

  • Roni Chelben, City of Tacoma, Artist in Residence
  • We have lots of flyer and posters – take as many as you need – e-mail for more flyers
  • “In our Back Yard” production – presented at 5 events
    • Performance with Nativity House and Tacoma Rescue Mission clients
    • Also have the results of a video project with interviews and conversations in people’s backyard
  • Michael Sherman, City of Tacoma Artist Program – (not sure on the spelling or exact program name.-ed) 
    • This project has shown me how much we are seen as part of the community
    • Appreciate Sound Outreach and the RISE program (don’t we all –ed.)
  • Events
    • July 25th 6:30pm at the Downtown Rescue Mission
    • August 4th, 3pm, Blueberry Park
    • August 7th, 6pm, TCC
    • August 12th, 1pm, Portland Avenue Community Center
    • August 16th
      • 5:30pm Tollefson Plaza
      • 6:30pm Tacoma Art Museum
      • 9pm Exterior of TAM
  • Everyone in this room can make this event bigger and better – you can bring advocates and clients.  We need not just our materials, but to have providers and clients there to advocate and educate folks
  • Outreach e-mail will be sent out
  • We could also use some volunteers at the events and some food donations (snacks)
  • Transportation is available for clients – just let us know where the transportation needs to do the pickup.
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