Meeting Information

Meeting Type
Friday Coalition Meeting
Friday, 7/13/2018
9:00 AM
11:00 PM
Artist in Residence update and Pierce County Council District 1 Candidate Forum
The Salvation Army Church


  • James Pogue, Comprehensive Life Resources
  • Glad you are here
  • introductions


Artist in Residence

  • Roni Chelben, City of Tacoma, Artist in Residence
  • We have lots of flyer and posters – take as many as you need – e-mail for more flyers
  • “In our Back Yard” production – presented at 5 events
    • Performance with Nativity House and Tacoma Rescue Mission clients
    • Also have the results of a video project with interviews and conversations in people’s backyard
  • Michael Sherman, City of Tacoma Artist Program – (not sure on the spelling or exact program name.-ed) 
    • This project has shown me how much we are seen as part of the community
    • Appreciate Sound Outreach and the RISE program (don’t we all –ed.)
  • Events
    • July 25th 6:30pm at the Downtown Rescue Mission
    • August 4th, 3pm, Blueberry Park
    • August 7th, 6pm, TCC
    • August 12th, 1pm, Portland Avenue Community Center
    • August 16th
      • 5:30pm Tollefson Plaza
      • 6:30pm Tacoma Art Museum
      • 9pm Exterior of TAM
  • Everyone in this room can make this event bigger and better – you can bring advocates and clients.  We need not just our materials, but to have providers and clients there to advocate and educate folks
  • Outreach e-mail will be sent out
  • We could also use some volunteers at the events and some food donations (snacks)
  • Transportation is available for clients – just let us know where the transportation needs to do the pickup.


It is entirely possible I was did not get the exact meaning or phrasing (or facts) for a candidate correct.  If things seem off, do contact the candidate for clarification.  Also, in the interest of fairness to the candidates, these are snark-free minutes.  I did throw a restaurant review in at the end, for what that’s worth –ed.

Pierce County Council District 1 Candidate Forum

  • Joseph Denton – chair Advocacy Committee
  • Thank you all so much for attending.
  • This is the Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness.  We are an ad hoc group of providers and those interested in ending homelessness.
  • This is our first Candidate forum, so please bear with us.
  • Opening remarks
    • Dave Morell –
      • Thanks for inviting me out.  District 1 is one of the largest districts in Pierce County – there are some urban areas in South Hill and Bonney Lake, but rural areas as well.
      • I have been living in Pierce County for over 40 years – I bought my first house on South Hill at age 18, started my first company at age 21.
      • Lots of involvement with faith-based organizations – my brother-in-law worked for Tacoma Rescue Mission, where I became very involved over time.
      • I was elected to the State Legislature, as well as elected to the Fire District.
      • My background is diverse as a private citizen and an elected official
      • I am a health addict – I sit on the Pierce County Parks Board – one of my founding glories is the Foothills Trail.
    • Sharon Hanek -
      • District 1 includes Bonney Lake, Orting, South Hill and beyond.
      • The homeless problem is coming into our rural region, it is not just a city problem. 
      • Love being here to learn about all the resources available here in this room.
      • Have a friend and constituent with property off of Canyon Road – and there is a huge problem with debris from homeless encampments.
      • Started off as a Mother Bear.  Looked at the WASL and Math Standards.  Worked with groups from across the spectrum to stop the WASL and increase the Math Standards.  Unfortunately, the common core came in.  My heart is always in it for the families.
      • Homeless Situation has to be broken down.  Many folks are homeless through no fault of their own. They are different from folks who live in tents who don’t want to move into a structured building.  I need to learn more about this, so  I can help these folks with each of the different dynamics.
    • Milton Tremblay -
      • Good morning – humbled and honored to be here in your presence
      • I’m all about safer communities
      • District one includes Bonney Lake, Buckley, Orting, South Hill and rural Pierce County.
      • According to my wife, I’ve been overactive in community work for the last 40 years.
        • Was on the Planning commission for South Prairie (I’m not sure I caught this correctly-ed)
        • Spent 3 years on the White Rivers School Board
        • Currently on Buckley City Council – serving as mayor pro tem
      • Spent 12 years in the private sector – I’ve built cabinets for every school district in the State. 
      • I’m an architect and project manager – renovated Capital dome in Olympia.
      • Worked at the University of Washington Tacoma as the director of physical planning.
      • I’ve worked with Tacoma Rescue Mission and the Nativity House to try to solve the problems of homelessness on campus and elsewhere
      • Am on the Hillside Development Council (or was on it – didn’t get it in my notes –ed)
      • My mission is to build communities – in the 19th century, we welcomed immigrants who came in with nothing and got them on their feet.  Want to be a community that does that again. 
      • When we were young, we left our homes in the morning and the community would take care of us.  I want that community back again
      • Thanks for participating – homelessness and affordability touches every family.  There are lots of solutions – and every person is unique, so one-size solutions don’t fit all. 
      • When I was a pilot, we learned emergency procedures when there is trouble – don’t do anything rash – take appropriate action – land and get a drink at the bar.
    • Lorra Jackson was unable to attend – but info about her campaign is available at
  • Small Group Discussions…. (I did not note taking during the breakout small group discussions – ed.)
  • Candidate Report Out - What you heard, what government can do, and what you will do
    • Milton Tremblay
      • Let me say, I heard a lot of commonality.   Lots of folks want to be helpful. 
      • There is lots of difficulty in preventing folks from becoming homeless.  Some assistance up front would improve things.
      • If we can back or bond someone’s rent so they can get housing – especially for folks with kids or pets or felonies in the past.  People can change
      • A previous middle school student contact me – had spent 7 years in prison, and was out and rebuilding his life – was working in roofing, and I immediately looked for ways to support him.
      • Heard issues about rising rents – when apartments fill up rents go up.  If we want to put a cap on rents – we need to cap taxes too. 
      • I cherish the fact that I know what Contractors need – they need to make a fair amount of money – not an exorbitant amount.
      • This is a regional issue – we need to make sure this is a regional approach – if one area does a good job of providing services, people will more there. 
      • Tiny homes was brought up as  a solution – my campaign manager builds them so I am familiar with them.
      • I chair the Pierce County Regional Council – we talk a lot about how we can change zoning and codes to allow auxiliary dwelling units – so a senior citizen can add an income property to their own home, which saves one person home and provides a house for someone else. 
      • I like to see a plan before increases taxes. 
      • Look at partners, whether it be a church group, nativity house, the hillside development council.
    • Sharon Hanek
      • I’d like to thank the input of the folks in the group to help me better understand
      • One question I have is if there is funding where it goes.  Where is the money coming from and where is being spent. 
      • I was a tax accountant and CPA and then became a caregiver. 
      • I always want to know what last year’s actuals are.  What if the funding to count how many pigs are in a farm spent $5,000 but were allocated $10,000.  Should we give $10,000 the next year, or put the $5,000 towards a different project.  If we look at the budget, we can reallocate to get the resources we need. 
      • I have looked at zoning to allow accessory dwelling units and approve lowering traffic impact fees.
      • I appreciate learning all the different dimensions
      • The reality of homelessness is that there are different dynamics
      • Make sure folks have homes they can buy or rent
      • Folks need jobs or services from nonprofits –
      • We need to take a comprehensive look at all this. 
      • The government should be there to help people
      • I’ve heard stories of people who get divorces and young families end up on the streets.
      • We need to try to keep the families intact by providing resources.
      • The reality of life is that we can’t put folks in housing in Orting if they need services in Tacoma. 
      • We have to look at this as a region-wide issue – that folks have the transportation they need. 
      • We need to get people on their feet .
      • May need to focus on what we can do easily, not what we cannot do. 
    • Dave Morell
      • I really appreciate the input, very heart-felt and moving in some of the stories. 
      • When you look at Pierce County, about $19 million run through the coffers. Is it effective – do the agencies deliver a quality product to the community?
      • Transportation is a huge issue – I am a commercial contractor for over 30 years.  Outside our union apprenticeship program, getting folks to show up 5 days a week at 6am is a challenge.
      • Taking down the diversity barriers we run into as Pierce County residents.  Pierce County district 1 is not very diverse.  We need to be more inclusive at how we look at that. 
      • I am an advocate of Tiny Homes.  I had a unit put on my property 40 years ago.  My parents were returning missionaries and I built them a house on my property, but it took work to make that happen. 
      • I am results driven, but also compassionate and patient to make things work out. 
      • It is going to be everyone pulling together to get this problem resolved.
      • We’ve all had family members dealing with substance use.  My sister had a long-term heroin addiction.  Her child went to foster care – but was able to work and eventually got her back.
      • I understand these issues and am open to programs
      • Sharon and I were in a meeting the other night – Bonney lake was looking at $10,000 in traffic impact fees just to build a house – not counting school impact fees and park impact fees. There goes affordable housing.  We need folks willing to donate land for affordable housing. 
      • When I was in the legislature, the Main Street initiative tries to get more folks in downtown areas.  We put a bill together that allowed a senior center and multifamily housing project to have a 5 year tax abatement. 
      • The health department is a big challenge – siting houses is difficult because of getting permits for septic systems.
      • Pass the word to vote for me.

Good of the Order

  • Rosemary – Accountable Communities of Health, Community Voice Council.  We received 140 surveys back in 30 days – thanks for being a part of that.

Coming Attractions

  • July 20th – Legislative District 25 Candidate Forum
  • July 27th – Legislative District 26 Candidate Forum
  • August 3rd  – Focus on Committee Work
  • August 10th
    • Coordinated Care
    • Concerto Health

Restaurant Review

If you’ve never been to the Hess German Bakery ( ) in Lakewood (6108 Mt. Tacoma Drive SW, Lakewood, WA 98499), you are missing out.  Their pretzels alone are worth the trip.  The bakery  is housed in what I would consider a classic ethnic food store – all the foods folks loved from home but just can’t find at an American supermarket. They have all sorts of beverages and some kitchen staples, though I pretty much only buy their bread, chocolates and other German candies.  The bakery makes some great traditional German breads.  As I mentioned, the pretzels are lovely – very much what you’d expect from a Southern German bakery.  And they have proper loaves of bread - I really like their Bauernbrot (a sourdough rye), but I’m equally happy with their Mischbrot, pumpernickel and a variety of whole grain breads they crank out.  While a grocery store and bakery don’t a restaurant make, they do have a deli in the back.  Their sandwiches are very German – fresh bread, some butter, deli meat of some sort (they have dozens and dozens of options), and cheese (again, lots of varieties).  There’s no lettuce or tomatoes or onions or mint mustard sauces.  The point is to enjoy the taste of the bread and the meat.  And enjoyable they are.  This grocery/bakery/deli shares a building with a few other tenants, including a combination German restaurant and pastry shop (called the German Pastry Shop, I think).  They have basic sandwiches, lovely scratch-made soups, and very good pastries, cookies and cakes.  It is a very simple place – and most of the clientele are Germans.  I have lunch there a few times a year (more often when my Grandmothers were alive as this was their sort of place – straightforward soup and sandwich with a delectable dessert on the horizon).  Service is slow – it is more a hangout for regulars than a destination eatery.  They have their pastries and cakes and such in display cases in front next to the cash register.  These days I usually just pop in and get some pastries to take home.  If I walk in my front door with pretzels from the Hess German Bakery, a loaf of Bauernbrot, and a bunch of puff pastry treats from the German Pastery Shop, I’ll be treated like the returning hero I always think I am.


  • Cynthia Stewart, League of Women Voters
  • Carolyn Weisz, University of Puget Sound
  • Larry Seaquist, League of Women Voters
  • Carrie Ching, Molina Health Care
  • Subir Mukerjee, Community Supported Shelters
  • Julio Quan, Community Activist
  • Rosemary Powers, New Connections
  • Patricia Menzies, Tent city Tacoma
  • Jane McKittrick, Catholic Community Services
  • Faatima Lawrence, Catholic Community Services
  • Audrey Oliver, Comprehensive Life Resources
  • Greta Brackman, Comprehensive Life Resources
  • Rachael Woolf, Visiting Researcher from Long
  • Al Ratcliffe, Not sure which hat I’m wearing (you weren’t actually wearing a hat, Al...-ed)
  • Pamm Silver, Molina Healthcare and Accountable Communities of Heath – Community Voice Council
  • Larry Turk – PTSD Foundation
  • Barbara Kaelberer, Accountable Communities of Health
  • Brandon Ault, Comprehensive Life Resources
  • William Stinson, Catholic Community Services of Western Washington
  • Marilyn Duran, Tacoma Rescue Mission
  • Valentinya Germer, Community Youth Services
  • Sherri Jensen, Valeo Vocation
  • Brianna? Willi, Happy Destiny House (I didn’t quite catch the names very well –ed.)
  • Robert, Happy Destiny House (nor for this one –ed.)
  • Rich Berghammer, Fellowship Bible Church
  • Dru Gonia, Tacoma Salvation Army
  • Jeff Dade, Sound Outreach
  • Kim Summers, Sound Outreach
  • Maureen Howard, Howard
  • Coley Wiley, Community Youth Services
  • Martha Sheppard, Tacoma Salvation Army
  • Tammy Riles, Comprehensive Life Resources
  • LaPaige Butkey, Comprehensive Life Resources
  • Angela Delgado, Sea Mar
  • Calvin Kennon Sr, Comprehensive Life Resources
  • Elliy Claus-McGahan, Sound Decisions Consulting
  • Marybeth McCarthy, Tacoma Community College
  • Roni Chelben, City of Tacoma Artist in Residence
  • Michael Sherman, Homeless Art Project
  • Joseph Denton, Sound Outreach
  • Tammy Boros, Associated Ministries
  • James Pogue, Comprehensive Life Resources
  • Bobbi, City of Tacoma
  • Koana (sorry, I didn’t quite catch this. –ed).
  • Sheila Miraflor, Goodwill
  • Sarah Appling, Pierce County Human Services
  • LaVada Kent-Napier, Small business owner
  • Lynn Jones, Catholic Community Services
  • Kayla Scrivner, Tacoma Pierce County Health Department
  • Escalante, Community Youth Services
  • Effran Davis, Pierce County District Court
  • Someone from Career Path Services
  • Alan Brown, Catholic Community Services
  • Kenneth Moultry, The Recovery Foundation
  • Daryl Jones, the Recovery Foundation