The Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness uses a listserv to communicate about events, request resources, and distribute information of interest. All listserv members can send emails to the full group. The Listserv currently has about 650 members. Listserv messages should always avoid indentifying information. We archive all messages - they are available for anyone to view at We also have a Meeting Information Listserv, which only sends out information about coming meetings and past meeting minutes.

This listserv is open to all – there is no limitation on who can join or send to the listserv. Any content that is respectful and about preventing or addressing homelessness is allowed. The 700+ users include – government staff, service providers, activists, volunteers, elected officials, friends and family of people experiencing homelessness, people themselves experiencing homelessness, for-profit businesses and everyone in-between. Imagine you are speaking in front of all of them when you compose your emails.

Send to the Whole Group Never send to the whole listserv (just send to just the person making a request or don't send at all) To sign up, complete the following form:
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Lists: Tacoma Pierce County Homeless Coalition Listserv (announcments and resource requests, including all meeting annoucements)
  Just Meeting Announcements (two weekly emails - one with meeting agenda, one with minutes)
  Coalition Steering Committee (meeting announcements and discussion)
  Housing Committee (meeting announcements and discussion)
  Workforce Development Committee (meeting announcements and discussion)
  Safe Site for All Group (meeting announcements and discussion)
  Encampment Alerts (announcements and discussion of pending encampment removals and sweeps)
  Inclement Weather (communication to coordinate responses to inclement weather)
  Race and Equity Committee (meeting announcements and discussion)
  Gig Harbor Key Peninsula Homeless Coalition (meeting announcements and discussion)


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