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Meeting Type
Friday Coalition Meeting
Friday, 11/4/2022
9:00 AM
11:00 AM
Discuss inclement weather supplies needed for the coming cold weather, learn about Tacomaprobono, hear from the City of Tacoma and Pierce County about cold weather response plans, debrief the recent Pierce County Human Services Committee, breakout discussion on the Pierce County Village, and the usual updates, this week on the streets, good trouble, and more. All are welcome.
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Any additional questions or comments we can share with the partners on the proposed Pierce County Village?
Group Discussion Summary - Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness -11.04.22


Concerns that were shared

  • Very important to keep listening to the input of lived experience, BPOC community.
  • County needs to maintain ownership of the property and lived experience needs to be embedded in the development of the plan and are already late to the table for it.
  • “Can you really put a septic system in wetlands and get a good result? It will be a very tough site to utilize septic in this space.” Worried about cost of operation when everything is built.
  • uncertainty about the wetlands conditions and the funding needed to accommodate those challenges.
  • Operative and service provider costs could be a barrier.
  • Concerned about source of operational ongoing funding. Not confident that there will be enough philanthropic support over time.
  • Children don’t stay children and can age out, and might not have a place to say when they reach a certain age.
  • Three years from now folks will need renewal for permanent supportive housing. Where will that funding come from? Service providers may be put in a position of causing unintended harm not having places for folks to go. Permanent isn’t always permanent.
  • We are not copying the Austin model verbatim (private bathrooms, kitchenettes, etc). We should not expect verbatim results.
  • Concern about how oversight going to work and how will it scale as the site develops.
  • Concerns raised by some Spanaway residents regarding environmental issues and not enough conversation with them before choosing site, no bus service, the local impact of a low barrier site
  • “Can’t put all our eggs in a basket that takes 5 years to build”
  • Where is all the detailed evaluation data? While the Austin project is exciting, want to see details on effectiveness.
  • Issues with frame of homelessness “not a housing” problem but a “lack of community” problem. Much to unpack there and reason for skepticism.