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Meeting Type
Friday Coalition Meeting
Friday, 5/13/2022
9:00 AM
11:00 AM
Learn about the Tacoma Rescue Mission outreach activities, next steps in the encampment mapping project, breakouts on where you find inspiration in your work to end homelessness, the usual updates and probably much more. All are welcome.
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Where are you finding your current inspiration for your work to end homelessness?
Group Discussion Summary • Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness • May 5, 2022

“So much need and not enough resources. I had to stop wearing mascara to work. But as I help people, I feel like I am also benefitting.”

Seeing Successes

  • Seeing other urban areas (Minneapolis?) that have invested in affordable housing and are seeing this policy pay off now.
  • Seeing the innovation that happens in this work.
  • Housing someone who is homeless, looks on kids and parents faces when they get housed.
  • Sometimes we do see governments change.
  • When someone takes steps into permanent housing or wins the battles or overcomes barriers.
  • Overcoming barriers. Being inspired by obstacles when we are told we cannot do something or if there are obstacles due to race, or gender sex.

Our Community

  • Unhoused people working to survive who still have energy to engage politically.
  • The strength in the people served and their capacity for joy.
  • The people living in encampments inspire me.
  • The street folks themselves. We can see the humanity of those who suffer housing insecurity.
  • Personal experiences with being homeless.
  • Our clients, our staff and our own experiences give us inspiration!
  • We spoke about our inspiration comes from background and wanting to help and improve life for others especially in sight of the pandemic and its continued impact. We spoke mostly about project options and opportunities in south unincorporated Pierce county.
  • Grateful for first Thursday, 4-6 pm in person social meeting of coalition at the 7 Seas.
  • God.
  • “Catholic background and moral requirement to be a human being to other human beings.
  • Radical comrades.
  • Dedicated coworkers, volunteers.
  • The ability to work with people who work hard and truly care

Coalition Shout Outs

  • Jan Runbeck is a huge inspiration to me. WWJD: What Would Jan Do?
  • My inspirations are Theresa & Rosemary. They are a Power-full Duo!
  • Breakout discussions a favorite part of the meeting.
  • A lot of appreciation for the coalition and the inspiration we draw from each other. It’s easy to focus on the gaps in services but it’s inspiring to see what everyone here is bringing to the struggle.
  • How the passion here becomes action and policy. Disparate people coming together to make change.
  • Grateful for first Thursday, 4-6 pm in person social meeting of coalition at the 7 Seas.

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