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Who’s in the room and how can we collaborate better?
Group Discussion Summary • Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness • 1.20.23

Neighbor (neigh·bor 'na-b?r ) noun: 1: one living or located near another. Had lunch with her next-door neighbor. 2: FELLOW MAN Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself—Matthew 19:19 (King James Version)
adjective: being immediately adjoining or relatively near
verb: neighbored; neighboring: to adjoin immediately or lie relatively near to


So let's make the most of this beautiful day
Since we're together, we might as well say
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?
— Fred Rogers


Networking Notions

  • Happy that younger faces seem to be showing up at Coalition meetings.
  • We heard a bit about Tacoma Mutual Aid Collective and their powerful network. They’re most active on Instagram and Twitter but also on Facebook.
  • Talked about possibly organizing some sort of Party at Alma Mater in May of so. Jan Runbeck in lead on this.
  • Tim said he’d follow up with folks on previous discussions about organizing some sort of narrative shifting cultural event.
  • Talked about importance of developing catalogs and updates of resources available and need to help address immediate needs.
  • Possible joint development by providers of targeted training programs that could help prepare potential employees for staffing 24/7 type sites.
  • We are aware of the difficulty in finding staff for some of the current needs. Suggested building on Homelessness 101 and surveying the trainings currently available by any agencies that offer these to current or prospective employees.
  • Communication is key and Covid has dampened that. The meetings are a good way to network/collaborate. Ways to bring more folks in: announce/promote meetings when we are in meetings with others.
  • Theresa would appreciate "spotlight scouts" willing to refer people to to schedule a 5-minute presentation. Knowing what others are doing helps us to collaborate.
  • Do more of what we are already doing: gathering people, resources, sub-group (committee and workgroup) meetings on specific issues.
  • Strengthen advocacy efforts. More opportunities to meet in person.

To-Does and Links

Sign up to speak to PC Council on housing tax email. I will send you talking points, etc.:

Locate your Reps: Pierce County district finder

Housing conference on Jan 27 in Tacoma on barriers to affordable housing in Pierce county. Check this registration link for more info.

For PIT count please contact

Stand up for rent fairness. Visit

Housing Advocate meeting, 2-3 p.m.:

The web page for the Comp Plan to End Homelessness and details can be found here:

State v Blake City Council Study Session, January 24, Noon: Dial: 253-215-8782 Meeting ID: 894 9617 1192 Webinar Link: Passcode: 896569

IAB meeting on unified regional approach, Jan 30 3-5 pm. Webinar ID: 910 8468 8732 Join by phone: 253-215-8782 or 877-853-5247 (Toll Free)

"Love in the Time of Fentanyl" film, The Grand Cinema, 1/22/23, 2:15-5p.

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