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What are people doing for outreach during the cold weather this winter?
Group Discussion Summary - Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness - 11.11.22

Some very general work being done

  • Lots of work happening on supply hub project.
  • Trying to connect outreach workers with supplies.
  • Tracking what people need and have to share.
  • Advocating for local folks who are being swept.
  • Learning more about what is happening locally.

Some notable specific efforts

  • Trying to organize soup vans on schedules people on the street could plan on having access to.
  • 99 Stockings project.
  • Important to focus on onesie and twosie camps because these get missed by many and are increasingly common with the sweeps happening. Courtney has worked out a few figure 8 loops to try and cover the smaller camps.
  • Outreach has become more difficult as case management responsibilities increase—so a challenge, but also some success in getting client’s housing.
  • Big concern raised about need for foot care as a major need— St Vincent de Paul can help people with shoes and socks when drop in. Foot powder is important need.
  • St Vincent de Paul is getting into inclement weather provision, when people come in with needs, will ask them about this and share what can.
  • LASA last year donated workers for the outreach efforts, drove around to check on people, keep items on hand: water, food, hand warmers, gloves and socks to hand out spontaneously.
  • FHN has winter items for families and to hand out as needed; coats, blankets, handwarmers, hats, gloves, socks
  • Working with People’s assembly to provide specific supplies they need for outreach, responding to specific identified needs by visiting goodwill outlet store, seeing our work in this space as this micro work of providing what is needed in the last mile.
  • Mutual Aid has developed many opportunities to serve and collaborate. Social media is expanding and more individuals wanting to help. Mutual aid continues to organize distribution days.
  • Discussed a map app created by Kim Ellefson.
  • Discussed a permission form for workers to share name and birthdate and possible description.
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