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What questions should the Coalition
address in a series of one-pagers to go on the website?
Group Discussion Summary • Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness • 8.12.22

in the inner city
like we call it
we think a lot about uptown
and the silent nights
and the houses straight as
dead men
and the pastel lights
and we hang on to our no place
happy to be alive
and in the inner city
like we call it
—Lucille Clifton
From The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton 1965-2010


Suggested One Pagers

  • Outreach etiquette and best practices for conversations with people in encampments
  • Understanding Homelessness doc with resources for deeper dive
  • A Call for Empathy: This can happen to anyone, economic vulnerability, realities of street, etc.
  • Who can we call for assistance/help for individuals in need?
  • Something that portrays the current gap between what’s needed and exists.
  • infographics include homeless youth resources, rights of tenants and the unhoused, and what neighbors can do when a tent or car camper pops up. Emphasis on resources!
  • Myth Busting: showing the path to becoming unhoused and barriers to becoming rehoused. Dispel Tacoma magnet myth.
  • Something that addresses the harm of sweeps and effects of dislocation.
  • Info sheet for housed people newly experiencing campsites. Should have contact info and brief description of services offered by outreach teams in addition to a decision tree about when to call 311 or 911.

Off Topic and Noted
One group focused on ideas about master leasing or city leasing vacant properties as at least temporary sites and ideas about govt land distributed for non-profit development not complete capture of thoughts

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