Restaurant Review

Breakfast is king at the Nyland house, and I lean toward the savory options.  These days, I can make most everything I crave - but when laziness overtakes me, there is no better breakfast in Tacoma than Marcia’s Silver Spoon (2601 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA).  It will be the death of me, but I think that might be an OK way to go.  This is a classic breakfast, done right.  You’re not going to find “alder smoked wild king salmon, cream cheese, smoked rabbit and avocado” on the menu.  Well, in this day and age, maybe you will.  But don’t order it.  It isn’t that sort of restaurant.  My favorite breakfast is the “D”.  It hasn’t been on the menu in probably 10 or 15 years, but they still usually know what I’m talking about.  It is hashbrowns and a biscuit smothered with country gravy, a couple fried eggs on top, and I think some bacon to seal the deal.  It’s more than enough food for a family – but it’s all for me, thank you very much.  The hashbrowns rock.  Soft, crunchy, buttery - they are the real thing.  It was the work of a good 3 years to finally replicate them at home.  Marcia’s isn’t the fastest restaurant in town, but man alive, the food is worth waiting for.  Part of their problem is the huge portions – you can only fry so many potatoes on a given griddle.  If they’d just cut the portions back, I’d add a couple years onto my life and get my food quicker.  But that isn’t how they roll.  You can’t fight it – just embrace it.  If all is well in my world, my kids are off doing something wholesome, and my wife and I can perch at the counter at Marcia’s and sip coffee.  My better half will knit away while I do battle against the wit and wisdom of puzzlemaster Will Shortz and the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle.  Meanwhile, the cooks will do their magic.  I’m in no rush - Life only slows down occasionally, and a diner on South Tacoma Way is pretty great place to experience a day stretching on with no immediate responsibilities looming, and some hashbrowns and gravy on the horizon.  They probably have a decent lunch, but I’ve never bothered to try.  On a side note, the Lucky Silver tavern next door is pure South Tacoma and has some of the best French fries in Tacoma. 

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