Presentation Minutes


o    Not a lot of people out working in encampments, working in warming centers

o    Brotherhood Rise Looking for Large Totes

o    Let people know that warming centers are online

o    2 Warming Centers are Online

§  One at 176 and 80th

o    CLR Expecting to be out in the streets tomorrow

o    Two Warming Centers off Pacific Ave –

o    Let Peirce County Sheriff’s Deputies know about it so when they run into people, they can steer people to the shelters

o    Concern for folks who don’t comprehend the severity of the weather

Warming Centers:

o    Key Pen Civic Center

o    Opened Yesterday, 1 visitor,

o    Opened today, but medical issue forced them to close early.

o    Very little traffic

o    Light House

o    Operating 24HR Services as of yesterday

o    Brotherhood Rise

o    7 People came in last night but did not stay for the night

o    Hard to convince people to stary, but we are letting them know

o    New Hope (Non-Warming Center)

o    Giving People meals, trying to convince them to go one of the warming centers

o    Had our first visit from someone with frostbite – sent them to the hospital

o    Staying open additional hours

o    Pierce Transit is offering Free Rides for people who need them

o    GLMHC – Any Way we can get the emergency medical centers to send the venerable to the warming centers? Is there general communication going on for this?

o    TPCHD has been in contract with the medical centers and will help with this

Emergency Shelters

o    TRM

o    Men’s and Women’s Shelters are full

o    Cold Weather Shelter is getting full

Churches Serving as Emergency Shelters:

o    Christ Community Baptist – Triaging people and sending them there.

o    Our Lady Queen of Heaven – 4 people are up there now

o    South Hill Baptist – At Capacity

o    Working on Transportation for people

Inclement Weather Shelters

o    Sprinker Recreation Center

o    Up and Running – Staffed

o    Fife Community Center

o    Getting setup and should be live by 9pm Tonight

o    Sheriff Busey – Gig Harbor

o    Capacity to house 4 individuals / families

§  Chapel Hill Church on standby to house more

§  Contact Gig Harbor Police


As of this Meeting we are reporting 0 Deaths Due to the weather 

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