Presentation Minutes

Thank you all for the kind send off on Friday - much appreciated. A few items folks asked for, as well as the usual full recording and transcript:

My The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Pierce County Homelessness presentation - my unsolicited advice after 4 years of obsessing on how to end homelessness. They aren't super informative, but the Presentation powerpoint slides are yours for the viewing as well. I reference my Pierce County Homeless System Planner - where you can putter with increasing or decreasing funding to see how that will impact the size of the homeless population in Pierce County. Have a go at it.

The gathering video was The Dignity Of A Shower, a short documentary by the My Road Leads Home documentary project out of Spokane.

Watch and listen to the entire meeting at recording of the presentation. Or just listen to the audio, read the chat that happened during the meeting, or read the full transcript.

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