Restaurant Review

I was a bit sad when Tacoma Cabana closed its doors a year or two back.  But like a phoenix, reborn it was, and just a few blocks away.  So, On a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, head over to Devil’s Reef (706 Court C, Tacoma, Washington - ).  It is a bit tough to find – there is no sign, just a ship’s wheel over the door.  The best directions I can give you is to go where the B-Sharp coffee shop used to be. And when you walk through the anteroom into the bar, you’ll know you are there. If you don’t feel like you’ve just walked on to the set of Pirates of the Caribbean, then wait a minute for your eyes to adjust to the dark. The attention to detail and love put into the décor are worth the visit. But Jason Alexander – co-owner and bartender extraordinaire – came over from the Tacoma Cabana and makes the best rum drinks the Northwest has to offer.  The drink menu is a bit longer than I’m interested in reading through, so I usually just ask for something good. Sometime they want a hint on what I’d like, but usually they just provide something worth drinking. The drinks are strong – so definitely take a bus, a walk or an uber home. The food is fine – nothing to write home about – but still totally worth ordering (bacon wrapped pineapple, please). But honestly, it’s this atmosphere and the competent staff that make the place something special. And because they are something special, they are often packed. So send your advanced party a hair after they open at 5pm (again, just Wednesday through Saturday) to snag a table, and you’ll be ready to weather the storm outside in your tropical escape.   

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