Presentation Minutes

Shelter Capacity Work (or the “convenings” as the City often calls them.  Every time they say convenings, it makes me think of some weird doublespeak from Orwell’s 1984. I know this is a me problem, but I do sort of like the weight that word is given – makes the work seem vital than just a meeting - almost as if it were foretold in some ancient prophesy and only now coming to pass. Maybe something like “…At that time, a friend shall lose his friend's hammer, and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before… And there will great convenings…” –ed) 

  • Pam Duncan –Executive Director, Metropolitan Development Council -
  • Rob Huff, Metropolitan Development Council -
  • Here to discuss the community partnership work around the creation of temporary shelter sites – it is Associated Ministries, the Tacoma Ministerial Alliance, and Metropolitan Development Council working together. (I keep trying to come up with a name for this trio, but nothing really works – maybe TMAMDCAM? Probably not. –ed)
  • You provided us some info 2 weeks ago – when we initially came to you.  In the course of the conversation – we brainstormed all these potential sites you provided us.  Maureen also provided a list you already had – and we’ve compiled all that information.
  • Next week – we have 2 nights of public meetings schedule, Wednesday and Thursday nights  (well, these minutes were a bit late getting out, so that was a couple weeks ago now. And so it goes. –ed)
    • 20th and 21nd, in the Asia Pacific Cultural Center – press release already issued.  5:30-8pm- convening to accomplish great things .  Starting at 5:30 – dinner (again, this already happened, and I went the second night, and the food was fantastic – some kind of a red curry, and then those fresh spring rolls – yum. -ed).  6:00 – will have the list you provided onto a map, so you can see all those locations throughout the City of Tacoma – broken out by police sectors. 
    • Discussing most likely places temporary shelters can be established based on that map. 
    • “Right Now” – most eminently doable sites based on that information – putting them in the pipeline to the City. 
    • Many are interested in volunteering – part of that meeting is who is volunteering and in what capacity.  We want to have that whole cadre of volunteers
    • Looking for long term recommendations – you all already have a lot of ideas – about what needs to happen – we want to hear those ideas
  • Al- is Associated Ministries putting out word to the churches – I haven’t seen anything.  Pam – they will  be
  • Al – I raised the issue of safe parking – had a follow up conversation with  Linda Stewart – there are not regulations about safe parking on purpose.  Their invitation is for churches to submit a proposal, and they will work individually with churches to try and make it work out.  Safe parking lots will have individual negotiations.  I appreciate the flexibility - I hadn’t understood that flexibility until that conversation.
  • Emily -will  there be childcare at the events next week – Pam - we can make arrangements next week. 
  • Laura – really excited about attending this in the future – but my quick comment is that I’m eager, open and willing to throw some ideas on these dates, but I’d love to see the City of Tacoma devise some sustainable ways to do this – long term – house them so they can get on their feet.  It will be important.  Want to know options to hold the City accountable if they don’t provide shelter.  Pam – we also will schedule some meetings to address longer term issue – in  January to do work on the recommendations – and on the east side, where we’ve not been present.  I believe the City wants to be held accountable – and the City can speak for itself.  The Community has to create those recommendations. 
  • If you have suggestions, send them to – or let Rob know -
  • Theresa – what is the website that you all have that I can send out.  It would be great to put a link out on a website.  The front of the MDC website ( ) will have the links ( like to their temporary shelter page - -ed.) and the release.  I’d refer folks to  Rob – we’ll do that – thanks for the suggestions
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