Presentation Minutes

Hire253 Brief Reportout

  • 556 people came to Hire253 – I do have the data done (but I’m still working on it – almost done, though –ed), and we’ll start to hear about jobs in the next couple of week.  Seemed like a lot received jobs – Safeway hired over 20, Rhino took in over 30.  We had 75 volunteers – we need more next time.  It was an incredible day – had our community resource room – multicultural got folks signed up for preschool – which is great for families experiencing homelessness.  I’m passionate about early learning.
  • Goodwill and Sound Outreach – had lots of people coming in to talk about financial stability
  • 211/United Way – amazing table –talking to everyone about the resources available through 211 (United Way’s priorities seem to ebb and flow, but they have been a rock providing 211 service to the community for years – I love that team. –ed)
  • Thank you everyone for helping me get this together
  • We may be near the 50% hiring mark
  • Super amazing, excellent day.
  • Theresa – how did you get so amazing?  It isn’t me, it is the community – I’m just mouthy and talk a lot. 
  • Lots of employers came with over 900 jobs. 
  • Sheri is going to help me pull the data form the first 2 events
  • Gerrit will work with all that data (oh yes I will – but you should have given me a deadline – I was all excited when you first gave it to me and did a bunch of work, then it got hard, and I’ve been avoiding it.  I’m all about the deadline… -ed)
  • Maureen – could we tie Hire253 in with housing vouchers, maybe?
  • Al – Tom Pierson – CEO of the Tacoma Pierce County Chamber – ask him to have the chamber official endorse hire253 and promote it among their membership.  Gerrit -  and have them fund it (yelled without a microphone – bad Gerrit. –ed).
  • Client Jason Cox – anyone work with him?  Jason came in - he was on channel 5 talking about this experiences – homeless in his truck with 2 dogs, lost his job.  Child support is his barriers – racking up $1,500 per month in back child support per month for 15 years.  Child support is a barrier for many men. 
  • Child support solutions – would love to see a presentation.  60% of pay is going to child support, it is a huge barrier.  (it is funny, I see all these single parents with very low or nonexistent incomes, and I think “where is the child support that should be coming from the other parent?”  But, like with everything, there is another side to the story – why is everything so complicated.  It is so much easier to just have a villain to blame and call it good, but no, we have to treat everyone like human beings.  –ed)
  • I’m still shocked and amazed we are getting over 500 people into that event.  We will keep on doing this- I’m not stopping until we get families out of poverty.
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