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Community Partner Café -

  • Cheri Coleman, Community Partner Café -
  • Created 6 years ago when I worked in Seattle as a community capacity building coordinator.  I taught agencies how to work with the Department of Health and Human Services (DSHS).  The referral systems were all using paper, and we had to send people to different Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
  • I came here when the economy took a nosedive. 
  • I learned organizations weren’t paying attention to each other.  I said we need to get folks talking to each other. 
  • Thus, Partner Café was created – to get city, state, etc. talking with social service agencies and everyone
  • What do you have, what do you want , what do you need, how can you help
  • Created a mobile unit.  Monthly – I go to rural areas – first experience was this month on Key Peninsula.  Going to Parkland, then Buckley, then Roy.  People don’t know what they don’t’ know. 
  • I live in University Place – there is nothing I could possibly want for there, but go 5 mile and resources are scarce
  • Contracted with Department of Vocational Rehabilitation as independent contractor.  I work with the Developmental Disability community on life span work – advocate for housing, transportation. 
  • There is nothing the human condition doesn’t experience that I can’t help with
  • You talk about racial equity – we all know about our biases.  Do some background – look at the reality of how people who don’t look like you contribute to the Country – imagine what that would be like if they didn’t do that. 
  • We are Visiting Mercy Housing facilities – going to two places a month – because I can’t cover all Pierce County towns if I don’t do that.  I chose Mercy Housing because we are in open enrollment – I’m was one of the original Affordable Care Act people when the online systems crashed on launch, and have some clinical background as an eligibility and outreach specialist.  And have Medicaid and Medicare coming out of me.
  • Where in parkland – at Mercy Housing, November in Buckley, then back in G Street Mercy Housing.  Work with mobile medical clinic.  I’m also helping a free clinic that is opening in Buckley, with meals,  showers, food, clothing for homeless on a daily basis.  He isn’t asking for money, just help building the facility. 
  • Key Peninsula is losing it’s only doctor, and need a new physician on the key (sadly, I just don’t think you’ll replace Dr. Roes. I’m always surprised at how many people live on the Key, but how that is still not quite enough to bring the services they all need. –ed)
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