Presentation Minutes

Valeo Vocation -

  • Sherri Jensen – this is exciting -
  • Skookum was exciting to me. 
  • As the only employer focused on homelessness – we often get referrals
  • At Valeo – 2 eligibility criteria
    • Able to and seeking full time employment – focused on ending homelessness
    • Must be low-income or experiencing homelessness
  • Nonprofit staffing agency –
    • In last year, have been successful.  Brought 250 in seeking services, placed 120 out onto assignment.  One quarter have secured permanent employment
    • Average starting wage into permanent employment $16.35/hour.  Mitch – some are higher – that is smashing ( –ed)
    • Use revenue generated to help folks move into housing  - 13 families have ended their homelessness.
  • About $500k in generated income – over $200k going to people experiencing homelessness.  For profit companies are supporting our work
  • Mitch is making this all happen
  • Mitch – a 24 year old young man living at the Beacon Youth Shelter – showed up every day, got him a job working in renovation and recover and moved into full time construction and is full time.  He just got his own apartment and we put together his donated queen sized bed – he was playing matchbox cars with his kid on the new bed in his apartment. (OK, where do I send a donation in – I love these sorts of stories. –ed)
  • Had frustrating employee – not able make it to appointments, not going to assignments – I was getting frustrated.  Turns out, a Traumatic Brain Injury prevents him from being able to read or write.  All the times he couldn’t make it to my office...  Taking the time to know an individual, it is not one size fits all.  A few weeks later, understanding his needs, he is showing up and is getting a special position created where he doesn’t need to read or write.  Those little things – intangibles  - where we can make it work.  I have the best job ever – I get to do this every day. 
  • If you have opportunities for internships or for folks to gain employment let us know – this is how we do it differently.
  • We started because of this community effort right here.  We are so grateful to be a part of this Coalition.  Love you all (it’s mutual. –ed)
  • Joy – how’d you assist with housing?  Sherri – we do what is needed, on a case by case basis. We may cover deposit and first month, maybe cover other fees.  Need to build people up to market rate rent.
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