Restaurant Review

  • Say you want to go out to dinner with some traditional Bavarian food, but you also have a hankering to play a little Bocce ball and quaff a beer or two.  There was a day in the not too distant past that you would simply have been out of luck. Today, the Rhein Haus ( - 649 Division Ave, Tacoma, WA 98403) is there for you.  Indoor Bocce ball? Yep.  Bier, as they say in Deutschland? oh yes, they have 20+ on tap. Bavarian victuals?– they have nurembergs, schnitzel, schweinbraten, knockwurst, veggiewurst, spätzle, and much, much more.  Located in the construction plagued Stadium District, you could do worse than brave the blocked roads and limited parking to support a business that offers so much goodness in one building.  Not into Bocce ball?  They have an indoor 9-hole mini golf course now. The food is pretty spot on too – you’ll think you’re in beer hall in Munich. I’d never been to Germany until a friend married a German, and we decided to escape our one-year old and attend their wedding in Southern Germany.  As a history major, Germany usually had the role of villain in my studies.  As we flew into Frankfurt, I wondered how I’d feel in the county that gave birth to Nazism.  But after I landed, those thoughts all slipped away and we stepped into the bustling modernity. Even the 70-year olds were just children during WWII, and they were also victims of the war, losing homes, parents and friends. I rather like Germany, I have dozens of stories of the kindness of strangers.  And I love their food, although it can be a bit heavy in the meat department.  My friends who were married in Germany are vegetarian and wanted the wedding menu to be all vegetarian.  I’m not so conversant in German, but it was clear much of the topic of conversation among the old men was the lack of “proper” food. Even though the food was lovely, those men needed their wurst in the worst way. Luckily, when I’m in the mood for a good brat, I can simply head to the Rhein Haus. You might consider it as well.  

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