Presentation Minutes

LASA Homeless Prevention -

  • Yuni Medlin, Prevention Specialist, LASA -
  • We started running an outreach program from a basement
  • I work on homeless prevention services.  I noticed some trends as a data manager.  I looked what we can do on a preventative end to see what we can do.
  • With our prevention funding, I can only guarantee 30 more days in your housing. 
  • We are working on interventions – looking at their situation and other resources that are available.  We are trying to slow things down and work get folks other resources.
  • Our services
    • Rent assistance program (one of the only folks in the County offering this service. –ed)
    • Screening for a driver’s license reinstatement program
    • We can tell if folks are about to get evicted. When we do assessment and review the paperwork, we present options to clients.
    • Enroll them in the bill credit assistance and the discount program. help fill out forms and get them submitted. 
    • Workshops are available where they learn to lower utilization of utilities and then can get additional services. 
  • Work with Pierce County Alliance ( ) –when someone said they needed their license addressed, would complete survey, and get the referral and schedule an appointment.  We wanted folks to bring a driving extract, but it cost $13 and our clients didn’t have that funding.  We can now pay for those driving abstracts.
  • Will send out flyer for next workshop.
  • Still don’t know when we’ll have our next round of rental assistance.  We used to just have 2 times a year for call-ins for emergency assistance.  Last couple years, we have done a 4 to 6 rounds.  I’ll let folks know when that will happen.
  • Question – what is the water assistance program ?  Yuni – we’ll keep water on if they are behind and the water will be cut off.  Many home owners use this program.
  • Question – can you  reinstate a license for someone incarcerated.  Yuni - I can’t go into a jail, we just don’t’ have that capacity. 
  • Kelly – you mentioned your utility program – when you get people on a discounted rate on Tacoma Public Utilities – if people are on that rate – if they do the 10 hours of financial education will get $80 off their bill for attending the classes.  We are trying to get folks to Goodwill, but many are working and we don’t want them to miss work. 
  • Questions – You say you will help with their drivers licenses.  Many people come in and haven’t had their Drivers License for many years because of fines and fees.  Yuni – I look case by case at what is most sustainable.  The focus  is employment.  We look at how many jurisdictions they owe to.  Will do an occupational license for them (I didn’t even know this was a thing - ) – Once they get SR22 insurance and whatever licensing fees are needed.  Won’t pay for drivers tests – have paid up to $300 for a license before.  Also will partner with other agencies.
  • Theresa – Tacoma pro bono has a relicense clinic -  Yuni – I registered for a clinic they have so I can connect in with them.  Theresa – also, I can take things in to the jails for you. 
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