Restaurant Review

If you’re looking for a cocktail, superb food, and a great City Vibe, I heartily recommend Wooden City.  Located in downtown Tacoma at the end of Pacific Avenue (714 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402), it sits among some of my favorite watering holes (The Forum, Odd Otter, The Matador).  But it stands out. Yeah, you’ll drop some hard earned cash for drinks and appetizers, but if you’ve managed to ditch the kids and meet up with some old friends, you’ll appreciate their solid service, mixology acumen, bustling atmosphere and consistently impressive food.  I’m a fan of their mushroom skewers and highly recommend the Blistered Hungarian Wax Peppers – spicier than I expected, but all the better because of it.  Earlier this week, my better half and I met some friends at Wooden City and we had a great grilled shrimp appetizer – I’m trying to think of some way to justify popping down there just so I can have that again. It is a great spot to join up with friends – although they don’t take reservations – so you risk it a bit if they are full up.  But, there are so many options nearby, you can just wander to another Pacific Avenue spot or dash up the Spanish Steps to McMenamins or Devil’s Reef.  Anyway, we met some friends at Wooden City, and half way through the appetizers, we’d forgotten about the teenagers we struggle to raise and were channeling the sophisticated urban 20 year olds we secretly still think we are.  I usually shy away from entrees, but this place is an exception – their entrees shine.  They do great, thin crust, wood fired pizza - I like the fresh mozzarella, but order the Sausage and Mushroom, because I like it more.  They have the light touch that seared scallops need, and the beet ravioli is the bomb. If you want a vegetable, add a side of cauliflower au gratin – with cheese, roasted garlic, prosciutto and cream, your taste buds will thank you (your arteries may attempt to voice dissent – but don’t listen, or site some research that says dairy fat is good for you – don’t let your circulatory system bully you).  Anyway, if you have an anniversary or a third date or friends visiting from out of town or just want to slip away from the struggles of daily life, I recommend Wooden City. 

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