Restaurant Review

With road trip season upon us, I can’t help but send a shout-out to my favorite minimart.  Really, it is more of a maxi-mart.  After a weekend of backpacking, my boys’ Boy Scout troop stops for fast food on our way home.  Except when we hike the coast, or into the Olympics from the North.  Then we stop at The Longhouse Market & Deli (271020 US-101, Sequim, WA 98382 - ).  Located in Bryn (half way between Sequim and Port Angeles), this huge minimart has it all.  Pepperoni sticks?  Yes.  Gatorade?  Again, yes.  Really nice, clean restrooms?  Surprisingly, yes. It is basically a small supermarket and deli. And clothing store.  And more.  But, this is a restaurant review, so… The deli has everything you’d expect in a minimart deli (deep fried this, gooey that).  But it also has a huge selection of fresh salads, some amazing paninis, soups, and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. This is by far the favorite post-hike stop of the troop for both youth and adults.  Highly recommended.  So, need an excuse to go here?  Try hiking up the Upper Dungeness River – a relatively flat and beautiful walk through towering trees.  Not into trees?  How about the Dungeness Spit – a walk on the beach to the end of a 5.5 mile spit – with a museum, a lighthouse tour, and the least rain west of the Cascades (around 10 inches per year) as your reward. Or, perhaps best of all, the 3.6 mile hike to the Tubal Cain mine.  If the ruins of an old copper mine, including a mine shaft you can explore, aren’t enough to lure you up, how about the crashed B-17 bomber wreckage in neighboring Tull canyon (a .5 mile detour). It is as cool as you think it should be.   If that doesn’t pique your interest, I don’t know what will.  Oh, maybe 3rd Beach – relive your favorite Twilight moments along with the delights of the Ocean. Not into hiking, try the cabins at the Quileute Oceanside Resort - the off season rates starting on October 1st are what to aim for.  The cabins are on 1st beach, which is good living.  Anyway, if you’re on the north end of the Olympic Mountains, you can do worse than to fill up on gas and snacks and even a meal at the Longhouse market & Deli.   

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