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Tuberculosis  Investigation – (my notes were amazing, but I said I’d replace those with the official talking points from the health Department – so here they are. –ed)

  • Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department is currently conducting a tuberculosis contact investigation at Tacoma Rescue Mission where a person with TB slept. We are working closely with Tacoma Rescue Mission to identify potentially exposed people for testing and treatment if needed. We may find other disease exposure sites as our investigation progresses. We do not currently suspect any disease exposure risk to the public.
  • Tuberculosis does not spread easily. It requires close contact with an infected person, such as sleeping or living in the same space.
  • Get general information about TB, including an infographic ( ) to share with clients, at .
  • Frequently Asked Questions:
    • How do I know if I’ve been exposed to TB? If a person you work or live with is found to have active tuberculosis, the Health Department will contact you.  You’ll be offered a TB test. 
    • How can shelter staff prevent TB?
      • Be alert for chronic coughing.  Offer surgical masks to cover coughs.
      • Offer sick clients somewhere to sleep away from other people. 
      • Arrange shelter beds from head-to-toe.
      • Refer sick clients to a healthcare provider.
      • Get tested for TB if the Health Department or your supervisor contacts you and says you were exposed.
      • Test all staff for TB as part of the hiring process.
    • What if a client seems very sick but won’t go to the doctor?  Call the Health Department and we will discuss the situation with you. Depending on the symptoms, we can send out a staff person to talk with the client.
  • To learn more about TB, including where to get tested ( ), visit   
  • Please reach out to me if you have questions or call the Communicable Disease General Line at (253) 798-6410 .
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