Presentation Minutes

Continuum of Care

  • James Pogue – I co-chair the Continuum (whenever you see the double letter “u”, the word is probably from Latin.  Such is the case with Continuum – from the latin “continuus”, meaning “a continuous thing”. Gotta love those wacky Romans. Ed.)
  • We work on the County’s 5 year plan to end homelessness (the last plan is available at -ed.)
  • The last plan was all about how we spend HUD’s money – which is limited in scope. 
  • The new plan is working on addressing some of the drivers of homelessness (as well as how to spend HUD money, I’m imagining. –ed)
  • Looking for opportunities for input (oh, I have plenty of input to give…-ed)
  • Anchor Communities initiative  is funneling its work into the Continuum of Care.
  • Veteran committee funnels into the Continuum of care as well (we’ve always been a subcommittee – perhaps the only active subcommittee for quite some time – of the continuum of Care – ‘cuase we’re awesome. –ed) – we collaborate with these large efforts. 
  • We want to get everyone to fund things together – have the state and county and philanthropic groups all bring funding together (‘Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart…’ –ed.)
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