Presentation Minutes

Equity Subcommittee

  • Samie Iverson, Tacoma Public Schools, siverso@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
  • We had an idea around racial equity. 
  • I know there is energy in this room around this topic. 
  • I took on leadership of the committee, however, I’m limited in my time with the school district, and we’ve had some reductions in staff in my office.  So I’m not going to be able to coordinate this group.
  • This is important work, and it sucks that when money gets tights, this sort of work falls to the wayside. 
  • An ask for someone to take on leadership.
  • Tacoma Public Schools is hosting an equity summit.  June 24th and June 25th – there will be a session focused on homelessness.  CCS, AM, Reach and building changes will be there.  We will discuss homelessness and housing stability.  We often focus on academic, and not on basic needs.  It would be great if community members attended. 
  • It is difficult to find someone to drive this work around equity.  We are trying to find an anchor for this work.  If the Coalition doesn’t take this on, we’ve not sure who will – many other groups have bumped it.  (I’m planning to meet with Tiegan Bradbury, with the City of Tacoma, who is the point person for the next round of SPARC work in the community, to see if their work can integrate in with the interest our Coalition has on building a more equitable system.  If you’re not familiar with the last round of SPARC work, the report is available at .  Leading this committee is a great opportunity for one of the budding leaders on you staff… -ed.)  
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