Presentation Minutes

MDC Upward Bound Summer Program -

  • Will Harrison, Metropolitan Development Council, Academic Event Planner,
  • Presentation Materials
  • Two weeks in to this work.  Work for the Upward Bound Youth Program
  • Helps financially challenged students get prepared for college
  • 6-week program planned for these students over the summer
  • We have staff on site at Foss, Stadium, Spanaway Lake, Mount Tahoma and Lincoln
  • Eligibility
    • Entering grade 9th-12th
    • Want to learn about college
    • At least a 2.0 grade point average
    • Under a certain income
    • Potential First generation in their family to attend college
    • Attend Foss, Stadium, Spanaway Lake, Mount Tahoma or Lincoln High Schools
  • Trying to get 185 students by June 24th.
    • We need help connecting to these students. 
    • This program was recently funded so are working hard to get it up and running
  • Also need teachers for the summer.  Must be certified teachers or substitutes.  It is a $40 per hour position for teachers – for a 6 week program.  They create their own curriculum.  We work to put together a program that the students want to do. 
  • Include Friday field trips – part of the STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) program
  • Program has breakfast and lunch daily, and a trip to San Francisco at the end of the program. 
    • Classes are Monday-Thursday - starts at 8:30am at the University of Washington Tacoma, and last until 3:00pm.
    • Fridays are field trip days
  • Some transportation is included
  • The program is free
  • Question – if the low GPA is because someone doesn’t apply themselves.  Will – we have some flexibility so this is the right program for these students
  • Carrie –what is the income eligibility limit?  Will – I can get that to you. 
  • Al – have you connected to programs like Palmer Scholars and similar program?  Will – I’ll get those program names from you and connect with them. 


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