Presentation Minutes

Community Partnership for Transition Solutions (CPTS) -

  • Kevin – CPTS – origins and why we are here:
  • Started with in King County with a federal grant.  Now is state wide – 13 chapters across the state – Kitsap, Lewis, Thurston, King, Skagit, Island, Snohomish, North-Central Washington (Okanagan, Chelan, Douglas and Grant), Spokane, Yakima, Sniggler, and Otterhound (OK, I made up those last two, I just couldn’t find the 13 chapters he mentioned… -ed)
  • Every summer we have a summer institute – talk about a place for networking 
    • 300 folks show up – government, non profit, share ideas and practices
    • The conference is centered around reentry, it is all sorts of folks focuses on
    • Each chapters has a mission and vision
    • Don’t have advocacy workgroups.
    • ½ of the agenda is providers sharing what they are doing, or new providers coming onto the scene. 
    • We usually have a time for partner announcements. 
  • Al - What is the clearest overlap between these two Coalitions?  NPR had a recent article on how the frequent flyers are all homeless.  Chris – there is 100% overlap of trauma informed care.  90% of folks going into jail have experience trauma in the last 12 months – 60% have experienced trauma of a sexual nature (including men).  There are similar statistics for folks experiencing homelessness.
  • Sean – talking about jobs or housing, one of the easiest targets is to cut folks off, and the #1 reason to cut folks out is criminal history.  Often there will be a way around it.  You are talking about populations that aren’t protected –like sex offenders.  Many people not in that population or who don’t work with that population are not willing to advocate for them.  The biggest reason I’m in both of these camps is that it is very clear that the incarcerated voice is typically not represented. 
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