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I like soups.  I especially like to make them.  And I make them a lot.  I’ve never really liked leftovers (OK, I hate them), but I love soup leftovers.  A day in the fridge often makes them better.  I’m a pretty steady hand making soups, and a lot has to do with my wife’s Aunt Carolyn.  In college, my wife and I (well, she wasn’t my wife then) often went to visit her Aunt and Uncle on Bainbridge Island.  We lived in Seattle, and we’d escape the rush of school and work and life in the Emerald City with a relaxing ferry ride to a whole different pace of living.  We’d get picked up by Uncle Lee in their “island car” – it was the benevolent act of an unseen hand that kept that car running  - and head over to their home on Bill Point for an afternoon of chatting, walking, playing bridge, and usually making soup.  Carolyn is one of those people that can’t do just a bit of food – so she’d always make two huge pots of soup.  And she’d let me help.  I was a budding cook, and rather obsessively followed recipes.  Carolyn, not so much.  She might have a recipe book out, but she never really followed it – she just riffed on what made sense to her.  She could never understand how I could follow a recipe for soup – it made no sense to her.  Eventually she converted me to her way of thinking.  But I don’t always have time to make soup – most of the best soups take time – both chopping and simmering.  So, when I’m in the mood for soup (yes, eventually I was going to get to the restaurant review), I recommend Infinite Soups (445 Tacoma Ave, Tacoma, WA  - ).  They’ve been in business a long time.  They only do take out, but that is fine by me.  On a sunny day (winter, summer, spring or fall), I like to get a bowl, some bread (they sell bread too), and walk the 3 blocks over to Wright Park to enjoy the soup in the 27 acres of Green.  I suppose you could take the soup other places too, but why?  If I get to cold, I finish off my soup, and head into the conservatory to warm up among the orchids and the bird of paradise.  With a dozen soups available every day, you’re sure to find something you like.  I usually wander in a bit after the lunch crown, so the selection isn’t quite as robust as I’d like by that point.  But I always find something to my liking.  I’d recommend a favorite, but I don’t really have one.  They are all made from scratch.  Some are more inspired than others (mushroom and tortellini is amazing), but they are all well done.  Infinite Soups is also cash only – so be warned.   So get you a bowl of soup – it will offer some spiritual protection against whatever February has to throw at us.   

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