Presentation Minutes

Family Day Center

  • Delmar Algee, Catholic Community Services, Family Housing Network -
  • Starting Monday – a new family day center at 5050 South Tacoma way. 
  • Funding from a few different sources
  • Piloting a new day center – families can come in and shower, get essential needs, do laundry, eat. 
  • Currently 9am-4pm (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) and Noon-6pm on Wednesdays.
  • Will have access to on-demand coordinated Entry.
  • Kelly – can we refer to families there right away for coordinated entry?  Delmar – yes
  • Al – can other organizations be located there?  Delmar – that is in the works – we are working on getting some more space – taking over space currently used by a tenant. 
  • Question – just for families? Delmar – yes, those with a minor – one adult, one minor.
  • Kelly – if we wanted to have someone down there from goodwill, a couple hours a week, who would we contact?  Delmar – Alan Brown ( ), Delmar ( ), or Gerrit ( )
  • Maureen – do we plan to have more satellites around the County?  Is there a plan to do that?  Delmar – this is all new to us – we are revamping an existing overnight shelter into a new day shelter. (according to the book “Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception”, that sort of a non-answer evasion may mean he’s trying conceal something. But they also say just one deception doesn’t a liar make.  But it makes you curious, doesn’t it?  Is Delmar up to something he doesn’t want us to know about?  -ed.)
  • Where is the funding from?  City of Tacoma, we are looking for County fund, and the Jeff Bezos Day One Foundation.
  • Question - Flyers?  Delmar – not yet – that is something we will be doing.  (that was a direct answer – so it is more probable he’s telling the truth. –ed)
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