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I met a lot of new foods when I went to college.  Indian was a major revelation for me.  I ate a lot of Indian food in college.  Like, a lot.  I was always on a bit of a tight budget, and when  I couldn’t afford going out for Indian, I could always make it.  And I made a lot of Indian food.  Like, a lot.  As far as I’m concerned, Indian food is the tastiest, healthiest comfort food out there.  Tacoma doesn’t have nearly the number of Indian food restaurants it ought to (and no descent Indian groceries).  There really is only has one Indian restaurant, but thankfully it is well worth the visit.  Gateway to India (2603 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA - ) has been turning out great dishes for at least a couple decades now.  The extended family that runs it is lovely, and they really created a comfortable place to enjoy a meal.  They’ve been an active part of the community for as long as I’ve been around, and I seldom visit Gateway when I don’t bump into someone I know.  Gateway turns out the classic Indian dishes you’d expect – Pakoras, Naan, samosas, matter paneer, Masalas, tandoori, lamb Korma (love it), Biryanis, etc.  They have a lunch buffet, which, like all buffets, is good if you hit it at peak usage.  Gateway to India doesn’t have the innovative dishes that Bombay Bistro did (but not the crazy high prices of the short lived Bombay Bistro, either), but puts out reliable food you’ll be happy to return to again and again.  I can’t help but miss C.J., the beloved greeter, who passed away a couple years back, a victim of depression.  He lit the dining room up with his warmth and kindness.  It was worth visiting just to see C.J.  R.I.P.  We occasionally eat at the restaurant, but take out is much more common.  Typically my wife handles takeout, and her usual order is Veggie Pakora (veggie fritters in a chickpea batter – freakin’ amazing), naan (a flat bread), Mutter Paneer (peas and homemade cheese in a creamy tomato sauce), a Biryani (a sort of rice pilaf dish – she doesn’t like it, but if I’ve been a good boy, she’ll order it for me), and something for the hard-core carnivores in the house- like tandoori chicken (essentially BBQ chicken).  If she’s feeling hungry when she orders, she’ll get Baingan Ka Bharta (a sort of stewed eggplant dish) – which is just the goopy goodness that sets my wife’s heart a flutter.  Anyway, lovely ambiance (or do take-out), lovely family, and food you’ll enjoy.  

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