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SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery (SOAR) update

  • SOAR is a process that trains case managers to apply for Social security benefits for their clients.
  • First training cohort is today
  • 30 people in pierce county are certified – but last SOAR application was made back in 2015. 
  • SOAR model allows folks to go to the top of the list to be processed. 
  • Contact Dawna to learn how to do this -
  • SOAR – 1st time applications average 28 months from first denial to appeal to finally getting benefits.
  • With SOAR, 87% get accepted on first try and get funding within 100 days. 
  • Question - How long is the training? – approximately 20-25 hours on-line.  Dawna does follow up to the training. 
  • Every Social Secutiy office region has someone that receives the SOAR applications
  • With SOAR, often people get trained and don’t use the training. 
  • Meeting today at 1:30 on 1305 Tacoma Avenue – 3rd We have slots, want to make SOAR training work. 
  • SOAR trained case manager does work of the social security office – and it makes it all go faster. 
  • Dawna is tech support – anyone can get trained for free. 
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