Presentation Minutes

City of Tacoma Artist in Residence Program

  • Roni Alexander – 512-960-9194 -
  • These meetings are very inspiriting and motivational.
  • Is providing an update on the art project focused on homelessness.
  • Contact Roni with how you think you can get your clients or volunteers involved. 
  • Here for a visit – actual project will happen between May-August. 
  • Project is a travelling event – probably between 4-6 events total
    • Preparation between May and June, events in July and August
    • Goals
      • Humanizing folks experiencing homelessness
      • Tying project to zoning
      • Make people “wake up” and do something about homelessness, not just be a spectator.
    • Ideas
      • Have a mobile tiny home – video and interviews shown inside.
      • Outside mobile tiny home – will have activities and different elements
      • Will visit different places in town – some central to homeless communities, others in other location
      • Will create videos – need client interested in taking part in these videos
      • Will have Nativity House performance group to a presentation.  Wednesday, march 21st, will be first meeting to Nativity House at 1pm to talk about the performance piece – open to clients and volunteers and staff.  Come take part
      • Community conversations – is a bit vague – need to determine what the actual focus of the conversation will be.  Looking for conversation about overcoming NIMBY (Not in My Backyard). 
    • Volunteers
      • Help running the event – chairs and tables
      • Clients and volunteers and staff in videos
      • Clients and volunteers and staff in the performance group
    • Intern – need one to make the events happen
  • Sherri – what type of intern? Roni – productive, coordinating things, organizing things.  Main need is production.   Some artistic perspective would be beneficial.  Can be 2 people, perhaps, if one can do organizing and another brings the artistic side. 
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