Restaurant Review

Greg said he wanted a restaurant review in the minutes, so here you go.  I was trying to be all clever and work it into the meeting minutes, but I just couldn’t pull it off – maybe next week.  Anyway… want to know my go-to Thai restaurant in Tacoma?  Probably not, but I’m telling you anyway.  My favorite Thai restaurant has to be Galanga (1129 Broadway, in downtown Tacoma - ).  So, like 15 or 20 years ago, my wife and I were bummed at the huge wait at Fujiya (this was during that Japanese restaurant’s golden period, with both Masahiro and Jackie behind the sushi bar – great place still, but not quite as magical).  So, we thought we’d try the new Thai place – Galanga - one street down.  Imagine my surprise at seeing Ted, an old coworker, as the co-owner.  Last I knew, Ted was still a technical writer at the database company we both worked for in the Emerald City.  Long story short, he married a gal from Thailand and they opened the restaurant together.  The service is pleasant, food is fresh and tasty, and the owners are lovely people.  Lunch is always busy, but dinner is a bit quieter.  The usual Thai dishes are all present.  In addition, I like their Four buddies and One Pal (a nice veggie sauté with meat or tofu) , and this thing that is often on their special menu called Thai Basil Green Beans – I can get pretty close to replacing it at home – but I’m not quite there.  Generally their flavors are subtle – enhancing the natural ingredients in a really lovely way.  It is my life-got-in-the-way-and-I-don’t-have-a-plan-for-dinner emergency take-out restaurant of choice.  And a nice spot for lunch.  Or a dinner before a show at the Pantages.  They usually do a food booth at the Thursday Farmers Market in downtown Tacoma, too.

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