Restaurant Review

We have lots of great little Mexican restaurants in Tacoma. A favorite is Vuelva la Vida, at 5310 Pacific Avenue. They do a pretty darn authentic Mexican street taco and great seafood. I think they have the best fish ceviche in Tacoma. Ceviche – raw fish “cooked” in lime juice – is one of the world’s great dishes – and they nail it there. Nice and tangy – I could use some right now. And they have a great “Vuelva la Vida” – Return to the Life, in English. Vuelva la Vida is essentially a seafood cocktail – as well as a classic Mexican hangover cure – chocked full of seafood, onions, jalepenos, avocado and the like all in a cold (or hot) tomato broth. I enjoy their tacos, too (although if I want a taco, I prefer the taco truck experience). It is worth a trip on Thursday for a Chili Relleno, too. They only do them on Thursdays, so get there early. I’ve never been a fan of their rice – but otherwise, I’ve never really had a bad meal there. They have most of the usual Mexican food staples as well – I like their tamales.
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