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In each week’s minutes, we try to highlight a major botanical conservatory in Tacoma.  This week we are focusing in on the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory.  Established in 1908 by Metropolitan Park Board (with a generous gift by none other than William Wolcott Seymour), it has provided a warm respite from the rains of April to generations of Tacomans.  While they have a solid set of tropical plants resident year round, the seasonal displays are always a draw.  My favorite times are when they’ve had glass blowing work by Jason Lee Middle School students interwoven with the plants.  This Friday the 13th, the “Our Dreams” Special Exhibit opens, with an Artist reception from 5-7pm.  Our Dreams is part of Arts Connect, a Hilltop Artists' community-based program for girls who are involved with the Pierce County Juvenile Court and the foster care system.  I don’t know about you, but I love artist receptions - there is someone there to explain the art I’m too thick to understand, and almost always punch and cookies.  Beats the Uffizi any day.  If you can’t make the reception, this exhibit will be around a month or two – so head on over during your lunch break.  Admission is free (although they do suggest a donation).  The Conservatory is not just warm, but also has a warm place in my heart.  My brother spent a lot of time at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital when I was a wee lad (not my fault, honest), and I often wandered over to Wright Park and the conservatory to escape the hospital and kill some time.  If you’re nice (or are a small child), the gift show cashier will give you food to feed the fish.  You can’t beat that. 

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