Presentation Minutes

City of Tacoma – Request for Information

  • Erica Azcueta – The Request for Information is now closed.
  • Colin DeForrest -  We received a lot of great ideas
  • Phase 3 team has selected a couple submissions to learn more about – will meet over the next couple weeks with submitters to get more information.
  • Timeline - Will make recommendations in a couple weeks to send to leadership.  Joseph – more of a timeline of how this will progress.  Erica – We don’t have exact dates, but current schedule is meeting to clarify submittals in the next two weeks.  After that, in maybe a month will have a recommendation for leadership.  Looking to have ball rolling by June.  Again, this is a tentative schedule.
  • Sherri – There is still need for tent to treatment to transitional.  Colin – we do need a transition from treatment to a safe place – not released into homelessness.  Nothing in that area was suggested.  James is focused on that and has had some success.  That is important, and something needed on the radar for this.  Easier to get someone in treatment now vs. a year ago.  But it is still challenging.  At least now we know what the connections look like.  We need to tell the stories of the folks who have been successful and why this linkage is important. 
  • Theresa – in housing group – no one proposed ideas about transitional housing.  I thought if other ideas came up they could still be considered. It would be great to have the City sit down with innovative housing group to talk about ideas.  Greg – would like that as well.  Erica – This is a helpful idea.  Colin – We can take that back and see what comes from it. 
  • Patricia – For some us who are private citizens that aren’t part of an organization – The Request for Information process is a barrier to submitting ideas.  Would like it to be more user friendly.  Colin – are you looking for technical assistance.  Patricia – more like a more user friendly process.  Colin – the Request for Information was a very informal process. Everyone – not so much.  Colin – OK, I guess it was more complex.  Patricia – I want to be able to get my idea to you without having to formalize them. 
  • Josh – could our group help put together something.  By next week, could our group submit some ideas that might complement ideas submitted.  (I think somehow Josh got volunteered into putting something together, but I’m not sure –ed.)
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