Restaurant Review

I’m a sucker for street food – love it.  In Tacoma, there isn’t much to be found.  While the new restaurant Indo Asian Street Eatery ( ) isn’t anything like a food truck or street vendor, they put together a best-hits menu of street food from across East Asia.  Located in the Stadium District (110 N Tacoma Ave), I’m easily the least hip person in the restaurant, but I stopped caring about that years ago.  There is an energy that the young provide that is present in spades here.  I also adore the décor – you walk in to seating around an open fire, and then tables and booths provide the perfect blend of intimacy and openness.  And the food is great.  I love dumplings, fritters, egg rolls, spring rolls, Shumai, Satay, lettuce wraps, green papaya salad (an underappreciated dish - what is it about dried shrimp, chilis and shredded green papaya that is so amazing) – really everything on their menu.  Typically I avoid the entrees, but my son ordered the miso salmon, and it was stellar.  But I can speak better to their take on street food (served in the comfort of your table).  Service has been spot on – ready to roll with however you want the meal to go.  Prices aren’t cheap, but not crazy either.  The dishes come from Thailand, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam – all cuisines I’m in love with.  If you’re looking for some tasty bites in an stellar atmosphere, I highly recommend at stop at the Indo Asian Street Eatery. 

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