Presentation Minutes

Hepatitis C Incident at Good Samaritan Hospital

  • Kayla Scribner – Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department -
  • Investigating hepatitis C reported to the health department ( more about hepatitis C at -ed). 
  • Only risk factor was from the health system when they were in an Emergency Room
  • It is called a category A breach – the Center for Disease Control recommends anyone that was seen by the nurse gets tested for blood-borne pathogens (Bourne Pathogens, a new film starring Matt Damon? OK, probably not, although I’ve lost track of the franchise since they killed off the female lead at the start of the second movie – why do they do stuff like that.  I’m watching a movie to escape from sad things. If I want sad, the human condition is always there for me…-ed).  Happened at Good Samaritan Hospital – nurse had possible contact with 3,000 patients. 
  • There are notifying anyone seen in the Good Sam Emergency Room from March 2017 to August 2017 – they all need to get testing.  Many of those in the system are listed as homeless.  Want folks to come in for testing.  Kayla has a list with names and birthdates – some have phone numbers.  Trying to do some word of mouth and outreach.  If you have a client you can e-mail Kayla ( ) to get a lab slip so the client can go in and get testing for free.  Hepatitis C is treatable – and we want them to get that treatment (I had a mystery liver disease when I was 12 and spent 4 weeks honing my dry-heaving skills – not recommended –ed).  Want to get treatment to everyone who was exposed.
  • If you have clients who were seen at Good Sam – please get in touch with Kayla so they can get the lab slip and check the clients name against their list. 
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