Restaurant Review

If you’ve not been to the Tacoma Cabana (728 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA), you’re missing out.  First and foremost, this is a tiki bar – in the tradition of Trader Vics (many of the décor elements came from an old Trader Vics even).  With a couple hundred rums and cocktails presented in full island flair, you can’t go wrong.  Unless you’re clean and sober, then that would be all wrong.  Jason Alexander (not that Jason Alexander), who staffs the bar, is one of Tacoma’s gems.  He makes superb cocktails and is an excellent host.  I’ve never had anything other than a pleasant experience here – the relaxed vibe you expect from a beach side bar is on offer in downtown Tacoma.  They are open Wednesday to Saturday, 5pm-midnight.  It is open to all ages until 10pm, so bring the kids.  They will get endless joy from saying “pu pu platter”, and the pu pu platter does rock – Chicken satay, pork sliders, meatballs, etc.  Good living.  Vegetarian options are abundant too – they make a mean guacamole.  Yes, tiki bars are probably a bit of an unsavory cultural appropriation ( ), and omitting alcohol and pork from my diet would probably extend my life.  But I like my world to include occasional Mai Tais and bacon wrapped pineapple in kitschy, tiki splendor.  It makes life worth living.  One additional piece of advice - I’d recommend against driving to Tacoma Cabana.  First, parking sucks.  Well, bad parking for Tacoma, meaning you may be 2 or 3 entire blocks away.  The horror.  But the real reason is that the cocktails pack a punch, and you’ve no business driving after one.  Uber is your friend.  So, ready to escape life?  Enjoy a night at Tacoma Cabana.  Life will be waiting for your when you come back, and I think you’ll be happy for the escape. 

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