Restaurant Review

If you’ve never been to MSM (Magic Sandwich Makers) on 6th Ave (2220 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA  98403 – phone 253-272-4814) then you are missing out.  It is deli sandwiches done right.  Fast, cheap, and tasty.  Well, they are fast, but there is often a line – so call ahead.  I’m a fan of their Rueben with everything on it.  It isn’t a traditional Rueben, but still darn good.  Their chicken salad is lovely.  You can’t go wrong with Mike’s deluxe, either.  I love the ambiance, if you can call it that.  They aren’t trying to be anything other than a deli in a minimart.  I’ve eaten on their cheap plastic chairs like once – I pretty much always go for take out.  The staff are as friendly as they need to be – there are really just trying to make and sell sandwiches, and are nice about it, but they have things to do that aren’t chatting with the customers.  Like making me a sandwich.  They are a minimart too, so you can grab a soda and some chips to go with your sandwich (and pickle spear).  MSM isn’t organic this or locally sourced that or turkey roasted on site – just a solid deli sandwich.  And I’d recommend taking that sandwich to Wright Park and enjoying all the good things Tacoma has to offer. 

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