Presentation Minutes


  • Kelly Blucher, Goodwill, – “Holy Hire253”. 
  • Some Numbers:
    • 80 employers
    • 542 attendees - Kelly thought 150, Sherri “called” 500 (she should have gotten something out of the prize bag…-ed.)
    • 357 free lunches served (or were they free lunches? –as much as I would have loved to have given Milton Freedman a swirly- when I think Free Lunch, I think of him. –ed.)
    • Total Cost: less than $1,700 (all lunches, employers, swag bags)
    • Employers
    • Over 225 interviews yesterday, today, at the event
    • Don’t know number of folks employed yet – lots of people stopped Kelly to say they got a job, though.
    • Great partnerships – Goodwill folks asked how they got 542 people – it is all the partners.
    • Big thank you to Sherri – this is a briain child of Sherri’s – make other people’s ideas your ideas (I mistyped this originally as “peepholes” instead of “people’s ideas”, which is not a bad maxim, although not just a little disturbing. –ed.).  Sherri – thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Future of Hire253? I’ve been bombarded by folks across the state asking to do a similar event (Roadtrip…-ed.)
  • Will update you on numbers next week.  I know we changed some lives. 
  • Pat yourselves on the back.  Thanks everyone
  • James – the work that happens here is having a big successes.  I really appreciate everyone coming here and being here every week. 
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