Presentation Minutes

Asian Counseling and Treatment Services (ACTS) -  

  • Publicly funded, provide domestic violence perpetrator treatment, gambling treatment, anger management (“I don’t have an anger management problem, you’re just pissing me off…” -ed.)
  • Do assessments (the first step in court mandated treatment as well as for walk-ins who want substance use disorder or mental health treatment. –ed).
  • Licensed and have a DVHR certification (I’m pretty sure that is the wrong acronym – darn you acronyms.-ed), and have certified staff, but don’t have contract
  • Working toward the social determinates of health – we need to stay connected with the important work that happens at this meeting.
  • We are missing something like Oxford House (if you are like me, and have no idea what Oxford House is, you can do a little reading: -ed.)– need options for folks who are exiting detox and residential treatment.
  • Comment – a compelling presentation – thank you
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