Presentation Minutes

Prosperity Wellness Center -   (OK, this was a lot of unfamiliar information coming pretty fast, so my apologies for the mistakes in here)

  • Hae Man Song, Asian Counseling and Treatment Services (formerly of Prosperity Wellness Center),
  • What do you know about Prosperity?
    • Inpatient treatment – yes
    • Female only?  - no, currently co-ed  - has been since November 2017
  • Has been around for a long time, added outpatient about 5 years ago.
  • Inpatient with medication, do outpatient only for 90 days after exit
  • Residential Location – 5001 112th street E, Tacoma, WA  98446.  Outpatient are by PLU at 12201 Pacific Avenue South Tacoma, WA  98446.  Just opened up a location in Graham at 22007 Meridian Ave E, Suite A, Graham, WA  98338
  • In addition to psychiatric meds and inpatient treatment, offer Vivitrol® - for alcohol and opioid dependence (possible side effects include blurred vision, fast heartbeat, difficulty breathing, anxiety, nervousness, nausea, tiredness, sleep problems and more – so it is like your first kiss, I guess… -ed).  Suboxone (side effects include “painful tongue”, which I didn’t know was even a thing –ed.)  is also available (and maybe more – I missed a couple things here –ed.)
  • 30 some employees total with agency.
  • How do we make referrals?  Hae – all calls are routed through the Parkland center – can make referrals by phone at 253-536-6425
  • Evaluations – if you do have an assessment need and a referral , such as for a DUI, then bring in the police report.  Self-referral is also possible, then all you need is an ID.
  • Only do Medicaid funding right now. 
  • Managed Care Organizations are coming our way – 4 successful bidders for Medicaid funding.
  • Accountable Communities of Health has a great setup with their staff, and they have $9 million to $12 million available.   
  • Also do gambling problem– is in a state contract
  • Al – any connection between the gambling program and the casinos?  Do casinos know that treatment for addiction exits?  Hae – the connection isn’t made well enough – we don’t see many folks getting referrals that way – maybe just 1 person every 2 months. We can’t seem to keep more than 1 or 2 clients on the case load (I guess gamblers just don’t want to ante up…-ed.)
  • Question – is there a new detox center in Pierce county – other than the center at Metropolitan Development Council?  Hae – there may be one, but I’m not sure.  Designated Mental Health Professionals (DMHP) – now Designated Crisis Responders (DCR) – are sending folks to detox for both mental health and substance use.   You send someone to secure detox – one is Chehalis and one in Spokane – you can detain them for 5 days.  They  can leave anytime, and no residential follow up.  Pioneer Center North would not do detention.  I’m not aware of any new detox center.  I thought a Kitsap facility may have opened.
  • Question – had a gentlemen who couldn’t be taken in to treatment  - was homeless – had to take him to the hospital under suicide watch.  Hae - only a capacity of 16 for a county of 830k residents in Pierce County, 230k people have Medicaid funding.  Not sure what percent are seeking mental health or substance use.  Access is easier if you get a Substance Use Disorder assessment – and can move up the waitlist if you have a bed date for treatment.  160 bed Fransicscan and Multicare facility is for mental health, but hope they handle withdrawal management.  Usually get folks in detox in 2 weeks with Multicare.  If they need services immediately, take them to ER.  The Jail does more detox than anyone else in the County.  Northwest Integrated health is now doing treatment in the jails.  The Court Resource Center is a great hub for a veteran or homeless, but it is a helpful resources for everyone too.
  • Inpatient must be Pierce County Medicaid clients, outpatient can be anyone with Medicaid
  • Want to do more funding sources so resources aren’t limited to Medicaid recipients
  • Gone through a dual diagnosis treatment – have psychiatric mental health services and also treat trauma really well. 
  • As a community system , we are mess.   Have bottlenecks in the system – too few detox resource, too few inpatient treatment. 
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