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Life can be a little stressful sometimes.  It has a habit of roughing us up a bit more than we might like.  As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get ice cream.  I think that is the saying...  I’m not really a huge fan of sweets, but I do like the occasional ice cream.  Good ice cream.  I occasionally hit the FroYo stands where you load up some soft serve yogurt with a ridiculous load of toppings.  FroYo is fun, but never sublime.  But a good strawberry ice cream has a special place in this world.  For high-quality, locally produced, and absolutely delicious ice cream, I recommend Ice Cream Social ( ).  I frequent their 6th Ave shop, although you can hit up their new location at Point Ruston as well. And their ice cream is also served in many fine restaurants and coffee shops around the County.  They have around a dozen flavors and your choice of cones (standard, sugar, house-made waffle, paper cup).  They have nearly no toppings – it is all about good ice cream.  I like shops that know they have something good and don’t need gimmicks to sell you something you don’t want.  Their Valhalla coffee ice cream is supposedly good, if you like that sort of thing (Valhalla coffee rocks – but coffee isn’t a flavoring, it’s a beverage…).  But I don’t just visit for the Ice cream.  It is a nice spot to sit and chat after an event.  The 6th avenue business district is way cooler than I am (honestly, I can’t even say 6th ave in the cool way).  I love the vibe on 6th ave in general, and especially in Ice Cream social.  Heaven knows I could use a nudge in the hip direction. and if ice cream shop on 6th ave doesn’t help in that effort, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt.  And they have a wooden spoon option – I love eating ice cream with wooden spoons.  Anyway, you could do far worse than a taking a break with a little salted caramel ice cream at Ice Cream Social. 

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