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Continuum of Care (CoC) Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) coming out soon

  • Valeri Knight, Pierce County,
  • CoC federal funding is coming available for next year.  We only increase dollars in the community if we submit new projects.  Our community has not done a good job over time in bringing bonus dollars to our community.  For comparison, Snohomish County has some $7.9m in CoC funding but only $3.3 comes to Pierce County. Snohomish County applies for new projects every single year. 
  • Ask us questions now before the NOFA comes out (it is coming out soon).  After not NOFA comes out, we can’t respond to individual questions.
  • Question – when is the workshop date?  Valeri – the workshop date for the NOFA isn’t yet announced – that is part of the NOFA announcement.
  • The workshop on the 11th is not for this Continuum of Care funding. 
  • Continuum of Care is for Permanent Housing programs. 
    • Some $3.3m available  in renewal projects.
    • $200k in overall bonus funding
    • $400k in Domestic Violence bonus funding – this covers programs serving folks experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and includes Rapid Rehousing, Permanent Support Housing or joint Transitional Housing to Rapid Rehousing programs. 
  • Ask questions and have conversations now, we need lots of new projects.
  • If we get bonus round funding from HUD, that new funding that will then continue every year. 
  • Need a new project or adding additional units.
  • Kenneth – before the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) comes out, we have some new projects – can you help us figure out how the project can get funded.?  Valeri – yes, if you contact us before the NOFA
  • Marybeth – Donald was interested in help with writing grants – does the County help?  Valeri – no the county doesn’t help, but there are lots of other agencies in the area with expertise.  Donald – we have lots of opportunities.  Valeri – e-mail the group for help on grant writing. 
  • Martha – the NOFA workshops are very useful on how do to things – don’t miss the workshops.
  • With the Continuum of Care grants – the funding will be for next year. 
  • Martha – can you explain more about the Transitional to RRH
  • Al  - can two group collaborate on this? Valeri – yes.  Clients are able to be in the program 2 years, and do the mix of transitional housing and rapid rehousing that is right for them (it can even be all transitional or all rapid rehousing). 
  • Gerrit – I was under the impression the RRH to Transitional Housing model was designed around the efficiency of one case manager working with clients in both their transitional housing and through the rapid rehousing intervention.
  • Valeri – That was the model as presented by HUD, but it  is a new model and HUD allows flexibility to have two agencies collaborate if that will work well for a community.
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