Presentation Minutes

Hire253 Report Out

  • 634 people attended the event – 20% of those folks were experiencing homelessness.  We had 204 people hired.  (lots of clapping. –ed.).
  • We hit a 32% mark getting jobs, just like last time.  Last time, when we looked at those folks 6 weeks out, and only 1/3 of folks getting jobs retained them.  This time, 6 weeks out – everyone still has their jobs.  What we did with this – I’ll give Gerrit credit for this – (I’m blushing –ed.).  We did a job club with resume building skills and how to work a job fair and that made a big difference.  We will still hold the biweekly Hire253 Job club. 
  • Everyone, pat yourself on your back, because we wouldn’t be able to do it without everyone here making it happen. 
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