Presentation Minutes

Point in Time Count -

  • Annual PIT required by HUD & state.  Jan 25th.  7am-8pm.  At various sites.  If you have a location with homeless, let them know and they’ll provide volunteers.  Lots of opportunities to be counted.   Also 9pm – 2am count.  Being homeless during night different from being homeless during the day.
  • 15 training opportunities across the county – three times a day. Can expand training, let Valerie/Gerrit know and can respond with trainings.  Training is easy.  Register at
  • Buckley included, didn’t know they had services – young adult drop in and freezing nights shelter.
  • Three new things this year – although they can’t be reported to HUD, it is information the County can really use.
    • Count in Jail
    • Count in hospitals
    • Doubled up count
  • Looking especially for glove, socks, pre-packaged foods.  Hope to collect donations early, have 5 donation places around the county.  Local organizations can create their own donation spot - keep Valerie posted so she can advertise.  Will provide signs. Kelly – can we be a donation site?  Valeri – yes.
  • Patricia – signs?  Valeri – we will work on that.
  • Abiodun - how are counters recognized?  Signs, buttons, stickers, vests?  Valerie will look at use of stickers. This is a zero budget effort. 
  • McKinney-Vento: Valerie reviews past experiences with data collection and sharing.  Right now no students will be counted.  McKinney-Vento data access problem – working on some solutions with Building Changes to get data sharing agreement.
  • Questions -Washington state law requires annual count. Most other states only do it biannually per Fed requirements.  Valeri – that would be nice.  Cynthia – this could be one of our legislative agenda items.
  • Question – do you need data entry volunteers?  Valeri – we could do that, I’ll look into it.
  • Martha: advises everyone to sign up asap. (So this is the third time I’m including this link – not that I’m trying to push registration.-ed) Easy to do, don’t wait until crunch at last minute.
  • Hand count of room showed many interested. Valerie will come here to do a one-hour training. Sign up on-line. (ok, forth time now… -ed)
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