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Resource Database

  • James Pogue, Comprehensive Life Resources
  • We’ve had difficulty coordinating in our system.  Coordinated Entry was designed to be a single front door and it would all be coordinated.  But we need to do more than coordinated entry.
  • We have a listserv and share resources and know each other by name, we can do warm hand offs. We problem solve well together.  We spread the word about our work well.   We’ve done a lot of work to build our network all over – gig harbor, Lakewood, Puyallup
  • We launched a little website, and now we have a resource database
  • If you need resources, Associated Ministries has a resource list, 211 has its own list.  Every agency has their own list.  We are trying to find a way to do a little bit better. 
  • Pierce County Resource Website – this is just a prototype
    • 2 guides
      • Resource guide - select gender and age and what resource you are looking for, and it will show it on a map. 
      • Housing guide
    • The goal is this is not a CLR product – this is something that will be branded with this Coalition
    • Al – how can we encourage people to keep it updated themselves. James – we keep asking people to update.  Al – if we go to this and look at a listing for our own program, can we edit the content for that content ourselves?  Rainey – no.  James – we’d have lots of rouge editors, I’d rather not do that. 
    • James – how would we manage this?  Would it be branded as the coalition?  Is this something we want to invest our time and effort into?  Do we need to be more formal as a group?
    • Larry – I think this is wonderful – but also important for the Coalition to stay informal and flexible.  Your group has something magic that may be affected by the bureaucracy of it.  James – I enjoy the flexibility of this. 
    • Greg – this is fantastic, but we’ll need some rules around this resource.
    • Kelly – doesn’t our Coalition own Hire253?  We may have opportunities for funding to keep on with this work. 
    • James – are we a 501c3?  Martha – maybe.  We should have a social media plan.  If we get formal, it should be on a social media plan, with regular updates and hurrahs. 
    • Sherri – I feel like we have some benefits to being on a social media platform. 
    • James – this seems like a big enough conversation that we should have this at a separate time.  (I didn’t do a great job of catching this vaguely existential discussion about what the Coalition actually is – or should be.  Somehow I feel a bit like if we discuss what the Coalition is, perhaps we’ll jinx the lovely fluidity of the group.  Like early on in dating, where you you’re not really sure if you’re a couple, but would like a bit of validation of feelings, but don’t want to ruin something that is going swimmingly.  Or that is my vague memory of dating – not something I’ve had to think about since the late 80’s… - ed.)  
    • Theresa – let’s have a meeting set aside to do that.   
    • Is there a translate feature on the website?  Rainey – not yet   

James – we’ll purchase it and Rainey will reach out to you to solicit resources. 

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